Automotive technology has come a long way over the last 100 years. We started with the miraculous Model T in the 1910s, and now in the modern era, we are seeing the rise of computer-controlled self-driving vehicles. Sure, vehicles have become a dependable and integral part of everyday American life, but cars still have their issues from time to time. In situations when your vehicle lets you down, we have compiled the best emergency supplies available in 2021. If you stock some of these cool emergency supplies in your car, it should always be smooth sailing down the highway.


Emergency Tire Sealant


I’m sure you’ve heard the name brand fix-a-flat or tire slime, there is a myriad of products, and they all function the same. The product offers a quick and easy tire repair that is certainly worth the roughly 10$ price tag on amazon. If you get a flat tire, which is a fairly common point of failure in vehicles, the pressurized tube of sealant will reinflate your flat tire and use foam to offer a fast patch for the hole in your tire. The tire sealant is not a long-term solution and you should replace the tire, but in circumstances that aren’t ideal for a tire change stretching an extra 100+ miles out of a flat tire is well worth it.


Jumper Cables


Car batteries hate the extreme heat, frigid cold, and can have an unpredictable shelf-life. That is exactly why keeping a pair of jumper cables on hand is a no-brainer for every driver. They are small and easily fit in the spare tire compartment or under a seat, yet their utility is incredible. If you unexpectedly get a dead car battery, with jumper cables on hand all you need to do is find a good samaritan willing to spare five minutes of time to help you get your car started. The added advantage of jumper cables is that you can pay it forward and help others if their battery dies as well. A nice pair of jumper cables is still a top 5 emergency item in 2021, and unlike your battery, they will never let you down.


Safety Hammer/ Seatbelt Cutter


So far, a common theme of our list is items that give you a massive amount of utility at a low price point and small size. The safety hammer seatbelt cutter fits the mold and slots in perfectly at number 3 on our list. If you are unfamiliar with the item it is a small six to ten-inch hammer that has special glass breaking tips, which allows you to escape a vehicle through any window or windshield. On the opposite end in its handle, is a small slot that features a recessed blade for cutting a safety belt off. In case of an emergency where a vehicle escape is necessary, there is no better tool than the safety hammer, and for an average price of 10$, there is no reason not to keep one close by.

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