The battle to save dollars at the gas pump is a never-ending war between drivers and their gas-guzzling vehicles. Despite your vehicle’s miles per gallon rating, you can improve your fuel efficiency with just a few simple techniques. You can see fuel savings of up to 10% if you perform regular maintenance, focus on driving techniques, and master your emotions while driving. 10% may not seem like much but imagine saving 1 gallon of fuel for every 10 gallons. On average that is over $1000 saved for every 100,000 miles driven. In addition to the monetary savings, improved driving techniques, and properly scheduled maintenance will increase the lifespan of your vehicle, and save you from paying for costly towing service or roadside assistance. With these easy methods, you can keep cash in your pocket and keep your car purring like a kitten.


1 – Improved Driving Techniques In the City


Driving habits are the biggest influence on your car’s fuel economy. Smooth acceleration and braking will have a huge effect on fuel consumption whether you are in city traffic or a long highway commute. Your main focus during city driving is to remember to go easy on the gas pedal.


When speeding up from a red light take extra care to slowly accelerate to your target speed. Aggressive acceleration causes your car’s engine to engage the transmission less efficiently and needlessly produce high amounts of torque. Gently raising your speed allows the transmission enough time to change into the most efficient gear.


Another easy tip is coasting towards red or stale green traffic lights. If you are approaching a stale green light, it is proper protocol to take your foot off the gas, and prepare to brake. Stale green and red lights give you an opportunity to coast, which uses little to no fuel as you approach a stop. Coasting is also a way to conserve momentum as you transition from slowing down to speeding up. Overall smooth driving habits will allow you to reap the rewards of fuel savings in just a short time.


2 – Proper Highway Driving Methods


When in a highway driving situation there are more strategies you can use in conjunction with our city driving rules. Highway driving gives you the chance to use cruise control which offers enhanced fuel economy, ONLY if you select the right speed. Find a speed that your car can maintain without eclipsing 2000 rpm on the tachometer. When your car is in the low rpm range there is less chance of unnecessary shifting, which increases your miles per gallon.


Another big part of efficient highway driving is maintaining a calm demeanor. If you drive while agitated it may lead you to accelerate and brake harshly, which diminishes your fuel savings. Keep yourself cool, calm, and collected while driving. A zen mindstate will help you employ these highway and city fuel-saving tips.


3 – Perform Preventative Maintenance


The last tactic for improving fuel efficiency is to properly maintain your vehicle. Some easy yet impactful scheduled services like tire rotations, checking the tire pressure,  changing your fuel and air filter, and changing your oil, have a huge impact on fuel consumption. Stay vigilant, and stay on top of your car’s necessary maintenance, it will pay huge dividends in the future.

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