Which Is the Best?


There comes a point for every driver when your trusty car grinds to a halt and refuses to move. Although these instances are not common for many people, we are lucky to have a plethora of towing service options in case of emergency. A common misconception by many drivers is that all towing services are created equal. Frankly, this can not be further from the truth. There is one major variable that separates towing companies, and that singular factor is the type of tow trucks the company fleet. The first step in preparation for using a towing service is to arm yourself with knowledge, which is exactly what we aim to do! Each tow truck type has pros and cons, in this article, we will go over what to expect from each type of tow truck. As well as what we think is the best all-around tow truck type.


Flatbed Tow Trucks


Flatbed tow trucks are very common and for good reason. Flatbed tow trucks have unmatched versatility. The large steel flatbed provides a secure surface to transport nearly any type of vehicle. In addition, flatbeds are the only tow truck type that supports all four wheels of the vehicle that is being towed. Why is that important? Well, other types of common tow truck configurations only support two wheels, forcing the vehicle in tow to be subjected to the wear and tear of the roadway. With a flatbed tow truck, tow vehicles are fully secured atop the flatbed and are clear of any further mileage on the wheels, brakes, and suspension. A drawback for flatbed trucks is maneuverability. They require more space than other tow truck types to properly load and unload vehicles. So if you live in a dense metropolitan area, a flatbed tow truck may not be fit for the job. Overall we think if you can use a flatbed tow truck it is usually your best bet.


Hook and Chain Tow Trucks


Hook and chain tow trucks operated exactly how their name would suggest. The tow vehicle is hooked to a chain that uses a boom to hoist the front end of the car off the ground. When the steer tires are off the ground the car functions like a trailer, resting on its two back wheels as it is towed by the hook and chain tow truck. Fortunately, hook and chain tow trucks are fading in popularity in favor of our third tow truck type.


Wheel Lift Tow Trucks


Wheel lift tow trucks are the preferred do-it-all tool for most independent tow truck drivers. Unlike the flatbed, wheel lifts still force the vehicle in tow to use its own rear tires. However, their increased maneuverability makes them the prime choice in downtown areas and narrow city streets. Rather than a hook and chain, wheel lift tow trucks use a yoke to secure the front tires and lift them off the ground. Wheel lift trucks can be fully operated from within the cabin of the truck for fast loading, and unloading. Wheel lift tow trucks are heavily relied upon in almost any towing situation.

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