When it comes to the towing industry, it should be no surprise that our team has seen it all. From some genuinely crazy tow stories to recovery issues that we have faced from time to time, it takes a lot to shock us. Well, here are some things that we wish everyone knew when it comes to our job, our trucks and our way of living.Falls Church Tow Truck

  1. We are emergency vehicles

When you are stuck on the side of the road, the tow truck is your best friend. In the vast majority of states across the United States, tow trucks are classified as an emergency vehicle. The next time that you see a tow truck on its way to a call give it some extra room and let them do their work with safety in mind.


  1. Like taxi drivers, tow truck drivers need to know their area

IN the times before GPS, tow truck drivers needed to know where people who were broken down were. They needed to know the area, the local landmarks, and the local highways. Think about it, if you are stuck on the side of the road, and you can only see a highway mileage marker, a tow truck driver can find you, it is pretty crazy.


  1. Jumping on your car is not going to stop the tow…

Look, getting towed is horrible, we get it. However, jumping on to your car is not going to stop the tow. Tow truck drivers have no rules, and in fact, they can tow you with you still on your vehicle. If you have an issue with the tow, take it up with the person who called the tow truck on you, not the driver who is only doing his or her job.


  1. Look, we still love cash

Although things might be changing in a post-COVID world, cash is still king in terms of towing. Many companies are now accepting Visa, MasterCard, Amex and debit cards. Yet, as most towing companies are small businesses, they like to avoid paying the extra costs that come with credit card transactions. Plus, many companies do not take checks as personal checks can bounce.


  1. We live by a Code of Ethics

Towing has gotten a bad name over the years, but for companies, there is a strict Code of Ethics that most companies follow. This can include what cars they take, what regions they patrol and how they work with other companies in the area. In the end, we are here for the client, and we want to ensure you get a good towing experience, no matter the company.

As one of the leading towing companies in the region, we hope that you understand that we are here for you. Whether we are towing, or assisting you on the side of the road, you should feel comfortable depending on a towing company like ourselves. Can you think of anything we missed that our clients should know about tow truck drivers, let us know!

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