The community of Falls Church, VA is conveniently located to a wide variety of interesting places to visit. If you live in the Falls Church community, you may be thinking about some place to visit for a quick day trip; someplace that you can drive to, and from, in a single day, while you have the afternoon to explore some interesting, local sights.

Of course, one such place that is convenient to the Falls Church area is the nation’s capital of Washington, DC. Even if you have visited Washington before, there are probably some places that you have not seen, or there may be some type of special festivity happening that you wish to explore for the day. Washington, DC is filled with local parks, museums, monuments, restaurants, shops, and other places to enjoy.

As far as museums are concerned, some estimates suggest that there are 70+ museums in the DC area for guests to explore. Of course, the Smithsonian museums are an attractive collection of museums (there are 17 Smithsonian Museums), but there are many others in the vicinity, as well. A couple of unique museums include the International Spy Museum, Museum of the Bible, the Newseum, and the Women’s National Democratic Club Museum. Along with a wide variety of museums, visitors can also enjoy a plethora of art galleries, gardens, and Washington, DC sights while in the area.

Another fun day trip from Falls Church may be Annapolis, Maryland. Annapolis is approximately 45 miles east of Falls Church. The state capital city of Annapolis offers a beautiful state house and an attractive, walkable, historic waterfront area to explore all throughout the year.

Annapolis is known for its’ colonial architecture, its’ eclectic shops and restaurant destinations, and the beautiful scenery along the Chesapeake Bay. The United States Naval Academy is also located in Annapolis, and guests can explore the pristine grounds of the academy and can visit the Naval History Museum, too. Annapolis is a unique and inviting city to explore and is an enjoyable place to spend a nice afternoon.

If you are interested in a little longer drive, then you may want to explore the city of Charlottesville, Virginia. Charlottesville is located about 100 miles from Falls Church, in the southwesterly direction. Visitors can explore the walkable downtown area, which offers plenty of fun shops and restaurants to enjoy. You may also wish to visit Monticello while you are in Charlottesville, which was the home of Thomas Jefferson. The University of Virginia is also located in Charlottesville, which is a beautiful campus to explore. Jefferson is known for having designed part of the campus and the layout is certainly something awe-inspiring to enjoy.

The convenience of the Falls Church area offers a great location to begin your search for other new and exciting cities to explore. Many historic, beautiful, and welcoming communities are easily accessible from Falls Church and can be enjoyed during a day trip vacation. If you decide a day trip is not long enough for you, then perhaps an overnight trip should be in your future plans.

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