Restaurant Options in Falls Church, VA

Falls Church, Virginia is a welcoming, diverse community that lies just about 15 miles west of our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. Approximately 15,000 residents live in Falls Church, and many more people visit the area on an annual basis. If you are new to the area or if you are traveling through the region, then you may be pleasantly surprised by the vast array of dining options that you will find in Falls Church. People will find everything from a sushi restaurant, Vietnamese restaurant, Mexican restaurant, Egyptian restaurant, and so much more. If you are looking for an interesting place to dine in Falls Church, then you may find a great option on the list below. Five local restaurants are listed below, with a quick description of each and a little bit about each establishment, too.

-Northside Social Falls Church: This quaint restaurant is open 7 days a week. Guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Northside Social, as well as a daily happy hour, too. Happy hour begins at 5pm. Great coffee and pastries begin the day and menu options like pizza and wine are offered to wind down the day. Weekend brunch is also available, and special events can be held here, too.

-Taco Bamba: The original Taco Bamba opened in Falls Church, and has now developed into a small chain restaurant. Taco Bamba is open every day of the week from the hours of 10am-9pm. The menu has a wide range of items listed, including; tacos stuffed with octopus, enchiladas, quesadillas, carnitas, and so much more. Guests are welcome to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Taco Bamba.

-Pizzeria Orso: If Italian food is on your mind tonight, then a trip to Pizzeria Orso is definitely a good choice. Since 2010, this casual restaurant has served patrons delicious Italian-themed menu items. Everything from traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas, salads, appetizers, sandwiches, pasta dishes, and desserts can be enjoyed at this award-winning establishment. Pizzeria Orso is open for dinner every night of the week, as well as for lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

-Maneki Neko Japanese Restaurant: Maneki Neko is a local Japanese restaurant that has served Falls Church residents since 2002. This dining establishment is a family-friendly place that offers menu items, such as sushi and a vast array of authentic Japanese foods. The freshest ingredients are used by the professional staff, in order to provide meals that are delicious every single time. Lunch and dinner can be enjoyed at Maneki Neko, all throughout the week.

-Fava Pot: Fava Pot is an Egyptian-themed restaurant that is open every day of the week, except on Mondays. Guests can enjoy this delicious dining establishment for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and some guests will be excited that breakfast items are served all throughout the day. Menu items include; soups, salads, main dishes like lamb chops with stuffed grape leaves, stewed veal, hummus, baba ghanoush, desserts, and so much more. If you are looking for a place that can tickle your taste buds, then Fava Pot may be a wonderful choice for you!

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