Top Attractions in Falls Church, VA

Falls Church, Virginia is a thriving community, located just a few minutes from Washington, DC. It is an area of historical richness, interesting entertainment venues, and attractions that are suitable for people of all ages. If you are in the Falls Church area, and you have been wondering about the places and things that you should see while you’re here, then you will find some intriguing ideas below. This article, along with your further research and discovery of the area, will show you that Falls Church is a great place to visit, or to live in, for many reasons.

If you are a history buff, then you may want to visit The Falls Church or the Cherry Hill Farmhouse. The Falls Church was finished in 1769, after two years of construction time. Today, it is one of the oldest churches in the United States, and it is a remarkable place to visit. The church is open every day of the week, except for Saturdays, and can be visited by anyone or you may even want to attend a service there, as well. It is located on Arlington Boulevard.

Cherry Hill Farmhouse was built in 1845. For approximately 100 years, the house was owned by wealthy farmers. In the mid 1950’s, the 7-acre property became the property of the City of Falls Church, and was eventually turned into a museum. Currently, the museum is only open to visitors on Sundays, but it is an interesting way to step back in time and learn about that period of life in the United States.

     Falls Church Antique Center is another must-see when you are in the Falls Church area. Located on Broad Street, the antique center can be enjoyed by guests every day of the week, in the afternoons and early evenings. The Falls Church Antique Center encompasses a collection of vendors that specialize in antiques, such as; vintage decorations, retro items, jewelry, wall art pieces, and so much more.

The Falls Church Farmers Market, which is open on Saturday mornings, is also a fun place to visit. The market is open all throughout the year, and is a wonderful place to support local farmers and other vendors, as well. Shoppers can find everything from vegetables, beef, chicken, cheese, jams/jellies, honey, baked items, flowers, and many other items, too. Come to the Falls Church Farmers Market prepared with a list of items that you are looking for, or just stroll through the market and grab some things that look great to you. The market is located on Park Avenue in Falls Church.

Lastly, a trip to Falls Church is not complete without a stop at Eden Center. Eden Center is a premier shopping area that specializes in Vietnamese businesses and a few American businesses, too. Originally opened in 1984, Eden Center is comprised of more than 125 businesses that include Vietnamese restaurants, shops, services, and other businesses, too. Many people consider Eden Center to be the #1 tourist destination in all of the Falls Church area, and people from all over the region visit Eden Center on an annual basis. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome at the Eden Center.

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