It’s no secret that cars are massively important to our everyday lives. We depend on them for transport to school, work, and an array of other daily obligations. However cars, like all machines, slowly deteriorate over time which can lead to breakdowns. When your car is stuck and you need to tow it home or to the mechanic, it is important to use a professional towing service rather than DIY towing. This article will share our top 5 reasons why a professional towing service is always your best option.


1 – Convenience


Our number one reason why professional towing services are the best choice is their unmatched convenience. Tow truck companies dispatch drivers directly to your location. Once they arrive they will carefully load your vehicle and secure it in preparation for transport. During these steps, you don’t need to stress, worry, or do anything strenuous. The tow truck company does it all, and in most cases, they do it fast!


2 – Expertise


You wouldn’t perform surgery on a broken limb or prescribe yourself medicine, we have doctors who have countless hours of practice and training that ensures a successful surgery and proper medicine. When it comes to towing it is no different. Professional towing companies have expert drivers that know how to safely secure and tow vehicles. It is a huge responsibility to tow a vehicle and can be dangerous without the proper training. That is why our number 2 reason to use professional towing companies is their expertise in safe effective towing techniques.


3 – 24-hour Service


Automotive emergencies rarely, if ever, occur at an acceptable time or place. Professional towing companies provide 24-hour emergency towing service that will appear in a flash during the day or night.  Often larger towing companies will have a satellite tow yard nearby to you. That is why professional towing companies are your best option and most times the quickest choice too!


4 – Relatively Low Cost


Professional tow truck companies have competitive rates, making them the lowest-priced and most cost-effective option when you need towing. Along with the low cost, you still receive the first-class professional towing service that you won’t find anywhere else. With that said, cost-effectiveness is our number 4 reason why you should choose to go with a professional towing company when you need towing service.


5- Is Self-Towing Even Viable?


When it comes to towing, doing it yourself is not a viable option. You would need a vehicle capable of trailering the automobile that needs towing, along with a car dolly, and for most people, they do not possess either of those prerequisites. Furthermore, you would need to know how to safely drive with a car in tow. If you lack experience towing, it could spell disaster for you, your car, and other drivers on the roadway. Professional towing service is always the best choice. Proper towing companies alleviate any stress of figuring out how you will transport your car, and they are far safer than any alternative.

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