With winter already here, and snow, ice and blinding winds happening across the state, we thought it might be time to touch on how to pull off the road safely in case you are dealing with a vehicular emergency. We know that it can be stressful when facing a crisis, and the best case is moving over and ensuring that you and your vehicle are safe while waiting for a tow.

First and foremost, slow down and signal

Falls Church Roadside assistanceNo matter if you are dealing with engine trouble, or a tire issue, make sure to start to slow down and signal to other drivers. If you can throw on your hazard lights which will allow other cars on the road, or those that are behind you to move around, and give you some space to move over to the shoulder. Do not worry about those behind you or impeding traffic; the focus is on you getting out of the busy motorway quickly and safely.

If you are performing this maneuver at night, make sure to get enough light to incoming vehicles. Make sure not to be a complete jerk and leave your high beams on, but standard headlights and hazard lights should be enough.

Second, find a safe place to stop

If you are driving a familiar road, you may know the best places to stop if you have enough time and ability to get there. This can include rest stops, more expansive shoulder areas, or a side street that will ensure you can get access to a tow truck with ease. However, if you are faced with a situation where you need to pull over immediately, try and find a wider spot on the road and a straight stretch. Pull the vehicle as far as you can off the roadway itself, without endangering yourself, or your passengers with a rollover or a ditch.

If you can avoid it, try not to stop in an active lane. This will not only backup traffic, but it will also increase the risk of you getting hit by a passing vehicle or struck from behind. Plus, a traffic jam will only increase the time that a tow truck takes to get to you.

Third, make your vehicle as easy to spot as possible

If you are an experienced driver, you may have a set of reflective cones or road flares that will allow your vehicle to be easily spotted by passing cars. As well, if you are able, and your vehicle has power, turning on the hazard lights is another way to ensure people can spot you, especially in the dark. Plus, if you need to call for a tow, the tow truck will have a better chance to spot you on the side of the road!

Finally, call the team at Falls Church Tow Truck

If you are facing vehicle issues in and around Falls Church, VA, then the final step is to call the experts in towing at Falls Church Tow Truck. One of our expert drivers will be on the way in no time, and no matter the issue, we can get you up and off the road in no time.

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