Regional Car Transport

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Falls Church Tow Truck works overtime to keep up with the demands and needs of our community. We started by bringing towing service and roadside assistance to our area of Falls Church, VA, but we have expanded our services to include regional car transport. Falls Church Tow Truck’s central location within the eastern seaboard puts us in a prime logistical location to offer vehicle transport throughout the region. Car transport is a great option that reduces wear and tear while increasing safety and efficiency. We have established ourselves as a company with a reputation for integrity, and expertise in towing and transporting vehicles. Check us out on Google and Yelp to see real customer testimonies. You can get in touch with us 24 hours a day 7 days a week to get more information about our budget-friendly transport rates and to schedule a transport pickup for your car.


Eastern Central Region


towing service west falls church vaVirginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania, Indiana


Our home base in Falls Church, Virginia, allows us to transport cars throughout the central area with ease. The eastern central region encompasses North Carolina to the south, as far northwest as Indianapolis, and up to Philadelphia. We have the best transport rates in the area and have a price match guarantee. We value our homegrown customer base, and will gladly help you safely move your vehicle throughout the area. Call us today to schedule your transport with Falls Church Tow Truck.


Northern Transport

New York, New Jersey, Northern Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine


Falls Church Tow Truck offers northeastern regional car transport. Our trucks will venture into New England as our northernmost border. Our drivers have years of experience navigating the congested streets in cities like New York and Boston. They also have the knowledge and skills to safely drive through rough weather and whiteout conditions. If you need car transport into the northeastern USA, Falls Church Tow Truck exactly what you need.


South Region


North Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama


Falls Church Tow Truck has expanded car transport service to reach the vast expanse of the southeastern United States. We will happily transport your car throughout the wide-open interstates in Alabama, South Georgia, and the Florida Panhandle. Our car transport services are hassle-free and with a wide selection of available locations, we make moving your vehicle a breeze.


Why Use Regional Car Transport?

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Transporting your car during a relocation is a much better option than driving. When you use a transport service it lessens the load on your vehicle. Your car doesn’t take on any unnecessary mileage which can prematurely devalue your car. Regional car transport is also much safer. The interstates put you in close proximity to other drivers traveling at high rates of speed. On long trips where you need to focus on the road for long hours, it is a risk that you, or someone else on the road, may have a lapse in judgment. Lastly, car transport reduces carbon footprint. If a car carrier takes three cars on a trailer it is impacting the environment ⅓ as much as if all 4 vehicles were driving. Falls Church Tow Truck has your car transportation solution for wherever you need to go, call us now to find out more.

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