towing service west falls church vaBefore you go attaching a load on your truck for a trip in winter, you must understand the risks that come with the slippery weather and heavy loads on the road. If you do not have the right equipment for the task, you might end up destroying both vehicles if you are pulling a car or even putting yourself in danger. So, how do you navigate the problem that is towing in winter?

Here are a few tips that are useful when towing in winter:

  1. Always use snow chains

Snow can be slippery when driving your car. Now, imagine if you have to pull an extra load and travel on the same slippery surface. Chances are, you might end up stranded in the snow, not moving forward at all. The solution is to attach some chains to your tires to provide the traction you need to move in the snow. It is imperative if you need to brake or slow down on the winter roads.

And if you are also not sure about the road condition you will be using, then you must have some snow chains on your tires.

  1. Keep up your maintenance pre-towing

Dealing with a broken vehicle in the middle of the road because it failed is annoying. However, you can avoid these cases when you ensure that your car is in the best condition before taking off with a trailer on the back of your vehicle. Check the brakes, the engine, and electrical systems. And this way, you get the most efficient ride in winter.

  1. Consider using tow chains

Before anyone goes on to tie another car on their hitch and haul them out, they assess the problem first. They check whether their vehicle’s maximum towing capacity accommodates the trailer and if their car is in the best condition to do so. Once you are sure that you can do it, you get your equipment and tie it to the load.

If you need to pull out a car from the snow, using tow chains to connect your vehicle with the axle of the vehicle in question can help you succeed in your attempt.

  1. Clear both vehicles of any snow

If you stop in the snow for some time, both cars are bound to accumulate snow on the top. So, before you restart your journey, make a point to remove the snow from the top of the trailer. This way, when you brake, you do not have chunks of snow falling into your car and causing unnecessary damages.

  1. Have the right equipment

Your vehicle endures so much stress when hauling another load on its tail. Therefore, you need to ensure you have the right equipment to support it. Get suitable suspensions and exhaust brakes. These parts help reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle. So, when you help out a friend, you do not have to rush to the garage or lock your car in the garage due to damages.

 Navigating in the winter is tricky, and it takes the best drivers with experience to haul a trailer in such weather. Whether experienced or a novice, the tips above will help protect you and your vehicle when towing in the snow.

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